The key to a successful remote work team

Is it possible to retain the high level of productivity (we hope) you had while working in the office? We say “yes” and if you have already sanitized your hands, scroll down to find out how. 

The facts

What a time to be (still) alive! The deadly corona-virus is sweeping through the planet, stock markets are going sideways, and countries are closing their borders - those post-apocalyptic movies don’t seem so funny now, huh?

For most people, however, this COVID-19 outbreak resulted mostly in mild inconveniences - restricted traveling, event cancellations, and switching to working from home.

Despite sounding quite mundane, the latter is actually not that easy - most people do not have the experience of working from home for periods longer than a few days.

As no one knows how long exactly this quarantine is going to last, we ought to be prepared to stay home for at least a couple of weeks. To do that, we need to:

Ease the transition from one environment to another and make it smooth
Set up our working place at home and remove any distractions
Stay calm and keep doing our job

Facing the Challenges of Working From Home

Most people will have to face the following challenges when working from home instead of the office:

  • Adapting to the new reality and having to (re)create your daily work routines
  • Setting up your workplace with the right tools
  • Distractions coming from everywhere
  • An environment that’s too comfortable to work in
  • Achieving the same level of productivity
Naturally, some of these overlap and need to be addressed with not one, but several strategies.

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