Cash Flow forecasting and management

For small to medium business, managing and predicting cash flow is an essential part of the business. It is without doubt one of the areas that most companies struggle to maintain, and more often than not results in “death by spreadsheet”, or “death by running out of money.”

With SnapShot's  Sage Evolution reporting tools you will solve this cash flow reporting problem. Feedback from our customers will confirm this. With CashManager you will improve your Cash flow Management and predict it more accurate. It will also improve your debt collection by automating the overdue collection process.

Cash Manager is  easy to download, install, and connect to your Business Database. Customers see a ROI within hours. 

Cash flow forecasts

Cash Manager can produce cash flow forecasts from Budget up to 3 years into the future (depending on your financial years in your system), as well as a 30 Day cash flow forecast. The 30 day cash flow projection uses current debtor and creditor’s information, along with Wages, VAT and PAYE information, open sales orders and purchase orders, to forecast your cash on Hand each day for the next 30 days. Cash flow forecasts are created from your Budgets. You can have as many Budget revisions as you want, and then choose what budget revision to generate your cash flow forecast from.

Debt management and collection.

With Debtors manager you can improve your debt collection which in return improves your cashflow. With debtors manager you can automate the sending of payment reminders depending on the age of the invoice. If a customer has outstanding invoices in more than overdue age, it will take the message for the oldest age.  The reminder categories are not linked to the customer terms but runs independently. 

Is CashManager only available for Sage Evolution?

Cash Manager works with the following systems: Sage Pastel Evolution, Sybiz Vision and Ostendo.

Can you limit an employee's access to certain information?

Yes, you can set permission for specific users and also for specific areas of your budgets and cash flow.


no upfront software costs

quick installation and setup

Easy to customise