Abraham Lincoln once said, "If I had eight hours to chop down a tree,
I would spend the first six sharpening my axe." 

The more detailed the planning process - before exposure to the new CRM launch - the more likely it is to be sucessfull.

Plus R1590
Standard R 4 050
Professional R 8 100

6 MONTHS PACKAGE - 5% discount
Plus R 3 021
Standard R 7 695
Professional R 15 390

12 MONTHS PACKAGE - 10% discount
Plus R 5 724
Standard R 14 580
Professional R 29 16

24 MONTH PACKAGE - 20% discount
Plus R10 176
Standard R 25 920
Professional R 5184

When implementing a CRM most organizations approach it by looking at what features they need, whereas the first question should be “what do I need this system to do for the organization?”

For your Bitrix24 Cloud implementation, we have setup basic implementation packages based on the functionality that you require. With this we are be able to provide a fixed estimate for project because the estimate will be based on the agreed-upon functional requirements document. Any subsequent changes not outlined in the FRD will require an updated FRD and may add costs.

For a complex implementation we will do a requirements and cost analysis to provide you with a more accurate cost estimate..