Get a FullView of your business using your business data and our solutions.

We assist and guide businesses to get a FullView of their business by using our software solutions to report on their financial, operational and customer related data.

We are software distributors for Bitrix24 CRM and project management, SnapShot financial data dashboards and CashManager for cash flow and budget projections and management(SnapShot and CashManager are add-on solutions for Sage Evolution and Sage 300).

SnapShot BI Dashboards
for Sage Evolution

Snapshot offers a unique Business Intelligence platform with a large range of ready to use Dashboards of all your Sage Evolution reporting data.

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CRM and project management

If you have a customer database, you will benefit from Bitrix24 - no matter how big or small it is.

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for Sage Evolution

Use SnapShot and CashManager to create various forecast scenarios, of your Sage Evolution data, to ensure profitability.

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Get your own dashboard reports for your Sage Evolution data
with SnapShot and CashManager?

Snapshot Instant BI offers a unique Business Intelligence platform with a large range of ready to use Dashboards of
your Sage Evolution data. It displays your financial data in a more digestible format than in your standard Sage Evolution reporting and B.I.C. solution. 
It allows BI and Sage Evolution consultants to copy our logic to tailor the Dashboards,
in essence doing the heavy lifting and allowing businesses to get a much higher return on investment.

You can use the 40 plus free Dashboard templates and customise it according to your requirements. Anybody, not just the programmers and gurus.

Bitrix24 competitive review

With the development of information technology, its increased application in the organization of the business process has emerged. In order to manage and keep track with shifting modern markets, companies started to automatize its processes and improve internal and external communication, as a first postulate of agility to keep track with new trends. The implementation of complex, integrated business and information systems is the first step. This paper gives the  overview of Bitrix24 system basic functions as a cloud network solution that integrates the customer relationship management (CRM) with the information systems of the entire company.

Bitrix24 is an integrated business system, realized as an intranet network in the cloud environment, that connects multiple information systems of various business processes in the company. The base system is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system,  which requires joint efforts of all departments of the company, supporting marketing and sales business functions. Regarding the purpose and use of such systems, Bitrix24 is a compound system of customer relationship management.

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